An Introduction to The High Ticket Avatar Method

By now, you should understand the key metrics to look out for when running a Facebook Ad Campaign. You would have seen these metrics in action with our example Webinar Sales Funnel. And, you should know that a successful campaign centers around leveraging the metrics that you can incrementally improve in order to provide higher profits. These are your conversion profit levers.


Now, I’ll introduce the High Ticket Avatar Method, an efficient way to run and optimize your Facebook Campaigns in order to provide maximum returns.

If you know a little bit about Facebook Advertising or have invested in other courses online, then the High Ticket Avatar Method will seem a little bit counterintuitive at the beginning.

You see, we target what I like to call micro-audiences. These are people who are specifically targeted and highly engaged. So, they’re more likely to convert than the average lead. We avoid the generic shotgun approach where we throw ads at any generic person and hope they’ll be interested. Because that’s a waste of money. And being profitable is as much about spending efficiently as it is about spending enough.

In order for the High Ticket Avatar Method to work, you need to identify the most passionate segments (the people most interested in your product) who also have money and resources to invest. And this is incredibly easy to do with Facebook Ads. Furthermore, if you’re unsure as to whether a segment is interested or not, you can also double qualify them via layering. Don’t worry. I’ll show you how to do that later.

Before all of that, I’d like to go over some things you shouldn’t do. First, don’t target what seems to be popular. This is a common pitfall that I see a lot of people make. Yes, what’s popular is likely to be selling well. But other people are also likely to be targeting the same things. And that means that your costs are also going to be much higher because you have many competitors bidding on that same interest.

In most cases, the increased costs due to multiple bidders outweigh the benefits you get from targeting something popular. You lose more than you gain.

Second, don’t just jump into audience insights. Instead, use the first few interests that seem relevant. We’ll go into more detail on this later.

Last of all, don’t target huge audiences unless you’re selling to the masses.

It’s always more efficient to go after specific niches. I see this time and time again. People will go and build huge audiences and then switch on their ads without any data. All you’re doing is wasting precious advertising money on poor-quality leads who’re highly unlikely to be interested.

Think about your everyday lives. These days, we’re bombarded with so many ads that we’ve conditioned ourselves to simply ignore those that don’t resonate with us. And every person we show an ad to that wouldn’t have been interested in the first place is wasted money.

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