How To Set Up A Successful Behavioral Retargeting Campaign On Facebook

What is behavioral retargeting?


Behavioral targeting is a technique used by online advertisers to show their ads to people by collecting information about their browsing behavior. This includes the time spent on the site, the pages they browsed, the clicks they made, the recency of their visit and the overall interaction within the site.


This data then creates a user profile that is used to segment the audience into different types. People with the same online behaviour are grouped together into one segment. Then these segments are shown targeted ads that cater to their interests.


How to set up a behavioral retargeting campaign


1. Install the Facebook pixel


The Facebook pixel is a tool that provides you with one of the most effective ways to market.


It’s simply a line of code that you embed in your website, which then tracks your website visitors’ actions and behaviors.


The Facebook pixel is used mainly for three reasons


i) To track website visitors

ii) To optimize campaigns

iii) To monitor results

It’s really easy to install a facebook pixel. To do so, log in to your ads manager.


In the top left corner, click on the Ad Manager Menu, then hover over all tools to expand it fully.


Click on Pixels.


Then on the next window click on “Create pixel” then name your pixel and click next. You can add your website URL if you so wish.

After naming your pixel, you’re given 3 options.

If you’re setting up an ecommerce site, choose “Connect a partner platform”


If you’d like to add the code yourself, choose “Manually install pixel code yourself”


If you have a developer who can do this for you, choose “Email instructions to a developer”


Facebook will walk you through each and every step until your pixel is finally set and ready to go.

2. Create a custom audience


Now that your pixel is set up, it will begin tracking your website visitors. So you then need to create a custom audience that will segment your visitors into different groups for easier retargeting.


To create a custom audience, go to the menu and click on Audiences.


Choose “Create a custom audience”

On the next window that shows up, choose “website traffic”


You can now start creating segments for your audience. You can create audiences based on all website visitors, people who visited specific web pages, and time spent by visitors


Then, you’d create a separate retargeting campaign for each of these audience segments.


Perhaps to the audience segment who bounced from the home page, you might promote a recent blog post you wrote to give them a sense of what your brand is all about to build trust.

3. Create your campaign


Now it’s time to get this campaign going.


Click the Create Ad button in the top right of your screen.


Click the Create Ad button in the top right of your screen.


Select the objective of your campaign and name it accordingly.


After the objective, we can create an ad set and its audience.


In the Add Custom Audiences section we can include the custom audience created earlier.


Select all of your other parameters according to your campaign, including conversion type, budget, schedule and placement.


Name your campaign and click continue.


And now you’re set.


At this point you’ll be in a familiar place if you’ve created Facebook ads before. You’ll now be able to select the images and copy you want to include in your ads and build out the rest of your campaign accordingly.


Remember that you’re advertising to people who’ve already been to your site, so hit them with a more specific message and let them know you want their business



That’s it for how to set up a successful behavioral targeting campaign on Facebook. If you would like my help in implementing this and other strategies to sell your high ticket products and services, get in touch with me by clicking the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation.

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