How To Use The Counter Angle To Write Better Facebook Ads


The counter angle is based on expressing a viewpoint that’s wildly unpopular. You’re going against popular opinion.


And because of that, this angle might cause a lot of controversy. Most people won’t believe you at first. But if you explain yourself clearly and can back your claims up with facts and solid proof, then your copy will end up converting really well.


So the 4 main steps that make the counter angle copy framework are:

  • 1
    Counterintuitive statement/headline
  • 2
  • 3
    Big Picture How-To
  • 4

1. Counterintuitive statement/headline


First, what common belief are you going against?


State it in the headline.


This Lazy Man’s Way Ad is a perfect example of an ad using the counter angle.


The headline says:


“The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches”


Now, the popular belief, as we all know, is that lazy people aren’t rich. Lazy people cannot be rich. If you want to be rich, you have to work hard. The few lazy people who are rich got there by mere fluke. They are the exception, not the rule.


This headline goes against that. It says that lazy people can, in fact, get rich.


2. Expand


Obviously, many people aren't going to believe you. Even the skeptics you’re targeting will have a little doubt in their minds. So you have to work extra hard to convince people that you’re right.


So this is where you expand on your counterintuitive headline. Give solid reasons and facts about why you believe you’re right.


In the ad example I shared above, Joe, the creator of the ad, follows the headline with:


“Most People Are Too Busy Earning A Living To Make Any Money”


Already, he’s showing you where he’s coming from, that most people’s approach to making money is flawed. And then he starts the body of the copy with this:


“I used to work hard. The 18-hour days. The 7-day weeks. But I didn’t start making big money until I did less—a lot less.”


Again, that’s counterintuitive because how can you make more money when you work less, right?


The next few paragraphs are of him addressing these objections. He does that by sharing how his life has improved significantly after he started working a lot less. And that’s all thanks to his Lazy Man’s Way to Riches, a secret he’s only shared with a few friends.


3. Big picture how-to


This next section is about giving people a big picture how-to. This is where you show them how their future life would look like with this product you’re selling.


Going back to the ad example, with Joe bragging about his new life, he’s also painting a big picture how-to.


He’s showing people the power of the Lazy Man’s Way to Riches. He’s telling them that this, too, could be them, living their best life. He goes into detail about the $250,000 house he now owns, the car he drives, his magnificent view from his office, and so on.


So be as vivid as you can with your descriptions. If possible, add in testimonials from real people who’ve used your product successfully. This proves to people that your product works and that the results are phenomenal.


4. CTA


Finally, the call-to-action. Ask for the sale. I like how Joe does it in his ad. Look at this:



He points out that his readers might be skeptical because of what they’ve heard from friends and family. But he counters that with a simple question that tips everything to his favor


How many of them are millionaires?


I mean, who can argue with that?


He even gives you two choices, one of which outweighs the other by tons. He already knows what most people are going to choose. It’s so clever and subtle how he’s done his call-to-action.


And then, of course, don’t forget to show people where to go buy your product.




That concludes the counter copy angle. When done right, this angle will end up bringing in massive sales for you.


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