How To Write Effective Ad Copy Using The Proclamation Lead


What is the proclamation lead?


The proclamation lead begins with an emotionally compelling headline where an implicit bold promise is made. Then the rest of the copy demonstrates the validity of that same promise.


This lead is an indirect one, which means that the reader is distracted from the idea that he’s being sold or that he’s reading sales copy.


Like the secret lead, the product is not revealed until the end after the proclamation is finished.


What makes a great proclamation lead?


1. Make the proclamation bold


In fact, don’t be reasonable at all. Your proclamation should shock your readers cold. It should be big and bold and stir up thoughts and emotions. But make sure you’re able to back up your claim with lots of relevant research in the rest of the copy.


Here’s an example of the headline from a health newsletter:


The headline screams, “Read This Or Die.” That’s startling. As a reader, your curiosity is piqued. What’s this information you’re missing out on that might cause your death? And so you read on to find out.  


2. Make a promise


Either make or imply a promise. It could be right in the headline or buried somewhere in your copy.


In the previous example, the subheading underneath the headline reads:


“Today you have a 95% chance of eventually dying from a disease or condition for which there is already a known cure somewhere on the planet. The editor of Alternatives would like to free you from that destiny.”


The promise here is that there’s a cure inside. The prospect reading this would be like, “If I read this, then I won’t die after all.”


Repeat the promise in different ways throughout your copy. Make it more concrete as you move along. Give the reader a chance to imagine enjoying the benefits of your yet to be revealed product.


3. The subject must be relevant


The proclamation lead has to address something the prospect feels deeply about. And the promise you make in the proclamation has to be something that he desires. Otherwise they won’t be interested in reading your copy.


4. Return to the proclamation at the close


As you’re nearing the end of the copy, emphasize the main theme of your proclamation in any sales premium you offer and also in the guarantee.


For example: “If you don’t get the results mentioned, return the product for a full refund…”


The proclamation lead hinges on the success of your product. Unless you can 100% guarantee results, then this isn’t the best lead type to go with.


So do your research and watch out for interesting facts that pop up in the process. When you find something that you think is brilliant, take note and come back to it when writing your copy. It might just be the fact you need to write an amazing proclamation lead.


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