How To Run An Effective Email Retargeting Campaign On Facebook


What is Email Retargeting


Email retargeting involves showing your ads to people in your CRM or email marketing system.  


The biggest benefit of email retargeting is that it works with customers who have already shown interest in your products and services, so the potential benefits are huge.


When should you use email retargeting?


Here are a few situations where email retargeting might have a huge impact on your business.


When you:


i) have a high rate of shopping cart abandonment.


ii) want to get the attention of people who have visited your site without taking action.


iii) want to tailor promotions to people who have already downloaded your lead magnet.


How to run an effective email retargeting campaign


1. Collect customer data


Depending on whatever CRM or email marketing tool you’ve got, use it to collect customers names and emails.


2. Segment your audience


Once you’ve got the customer data, segment your audience so you can keep track of them. You can add do this by adding different tags to them.


3. Export your email list


Once you’ve segmented your audience, export the list that you want to retarget into a CSV file.


4. Create your custom audience


Log in to your Facebook ads manager and go to audiences



Click on “create audience” and choose “custom audience”


A pop up window will follow with a list of custom audiences you can create.


Click on “customer file”


To manually upload the CSV list you already downloaded, click on the first option “Add customers from your own file or copy and paste data”.


Upload the CSV file or drag and drop it into the section provided.


5. Create your retargeting ad


Once you’ve created your custom audience, go ahead and create your ad.


Figure out what exactly what you want to achieve from this retargeting campaign and choose an appropriate objective. Then design your ad, set the budget and publish it.


Email Retargeting Best Practices


Here are a few things to keep in mind as you create your email retargeting campaigns:


  • Send complimentary retargeting emails to boost your retargeting ad. The two methods should work hand-in-hand
  • Cap the frequency of your campaign. Showing too many ads to an existing customer or new prospect can lead to overexposure, thereby decreasing the likelihood of them buying from you in the future.
  • Layer your remarketing list with additional targeting features like demographics, location, interests, etc., and create tailored ads for these groups
  • Have a well-developed strategy for how and why you’re remarketing. For example, don’t remarket to someone mid-funnel if you don’t have a dedicated landing page or next step
  • Always test your ads (and the adjoining emails). If the product you’re trying to upsell isn’t working, replace it with a cross-sell. 



That’s it for email retargeting. If you would like my help in implementing this and other strategies to sell your high ticket products and services, get in touch with me by clicking the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation.

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