How To Set Up A Facebook Pixel Using Google Tag Manager


What is a Google Tag Manager?


Google Tag Manager is a handy tool that helps you carry out a measurement marketing plan.


After you’ve determined which behaviors are important to track so you can make better marketing decisions, you’ll need to build a measurement system that includes tools like Google Tag Manager.


After your system starts collecting data, you then analyze reports from Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics.


It’s important to note that Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are separate tools. The purpose of Google Tag Manager is to track any behaviors you ask it to track on a web page and send data about those behaviors to Google Analytics, which stores the data.


Also, Google Tag Manager can send information to many tools, not just Google Analytics, for example, Facebook.


How To Set Up A Facebook Pixel Using Google Tag Manager


The first step would be to generate the default Facebook Pixel in the Facebook Events Manager interface.


When creating your pixel, a pop up window will show up with 3 options.


Choose the first one: Connect a partner platform.


Then choose “Google Tag Manager” on the next pop up window.


The next window will present us with instructions for implementing the base pixel code and any event code we wish to use. Copy the base code for use in Google Tag Manager.


Once inside the Google Tag Manager, we’ll need to use a Custom HTML tag for our pixel code because there is not yet one for the Facebook Pixel.


Paste the base pixel code into the tag, and name it.


For our trigger, we will use the All Pages trigger, because we want our Facebook Pixel present on every page. This lets us know what pages users from Facebook viewed on our site.


When you’re done, click “Save”



That’s it for how to set up a Facebook pixel using Google Tag Manager. If you would like my help in implementing this and other strategies to sell your high ticket products and services, get in touch with me by clicking the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation.

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