Who Wants A Fully Customized Automated Webinar System That Generates Red Hot, Highly Targeted Leads That CONVERT Into High Paying Customers In 14 Days Or Less...

( It’s totally FREE and you DON’T need any complex funnels or expensive software )

These are the same type of Custom Automated Webinar Systems that have generated Millions of Dollars for our clients by applying a tested and proven process that we’ve perfected over the last 9 years

From The Desk Of Sam Bell 3rd
Tampa, FL.

Dear Friend,

If you’re a Coach, Consultant or Service provider of any kind, then I’m sure you‘ve heard about the power of having a webinar that converts leads into sales, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

No this is NOT new information…

But, YES it is extremely EFFECTIVE and it IS the key to making or breaking your business!

Now I’m sure you’ve either used or heard or webinars before. Chances are you’ve attended a webinar a time or two in the past, or perhaps you may have even purchased a product or service directly from a webinar before.

No matter how you slice it, I think it’s safe to say that webinars are not going anywhere any time soon.


There is a glaring problem (two really) that you may NOT have known about webinars.

FIRST- Webinars Have EVOLVED!

What used to work for live and automated webinars a year ago… Even six months ago - No longer has the same impact and effect that it once had.

Now days, in our over-stimulated, “I want it now economy” people’s attention spans are shorter than Kevin Hart, and in general, there’s an oversaturation of webinars in the marketplace.

So, if you’re doing the same old things everyone else is doing…

Simply put --- You’ll be wasting Money, Time, and turning away potential customers!

And you will blend into the sea of vanilla, just like everyone else.

If that wasn’t bad enough, on it’s own…

SECOND- Show Up Rates Have DROPPED Dramatically!

Yet, the cost per attendee has INCREASED over time.

Now, if you’re new to webinars or have never launched a webinar before, then this second point is extremely CRUCIAL, as it will be even more difficult (and very expensive) to test and find a process that works best for you and your business.

Needless to say…

Because of these factors (and a couple other details that we’ll touch on), you may be wondering…

Will Webinars Work For Me!

That’s a smart question to ask!

And while we’re at it, let me tell you something that most marketers will NEVER tell you:

“MOST Marketers Are Lying To You!”

You see…

Some people have FALSELY developed the belief that webinars are dead.

If you listen to the latest over-night gurus, they’ll try to convince you that “webinars don’t work”. It’s to their ADVANTAGE to have you believe that you need 101 different apps and softwares, and all kind of things to run your business.

That’s because once they sell you one piece of the puzzle, there’s a gazillion other things that they want to sell you and that you need to make what they have work (if it ever works at all).

​Think About It…

How many times have you bought something in the past that did not work as advertised, only to find that there’s something else you need to make it all work.

Things like this burn me up and I don’t think it’s right!

With all the misinformation and shady characters out there

It’s no wonder that a lot of people are misinformed and abandoning the webinar model for the next fad, trend and shiny object.

Well… I say enough is ENOUGH! And…

It’s Time To Set The Record Straight!

For the record, YES! Webinars most certainly DO work!

The PROBLEM is that most people do not have the skills (or don’t even know) to adapt a webinar to their particular business.

Contrary to popular belief --- There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” webinar model.

Contrary to what marketers may teach and preach --- The truth is your business really IS different. And that’s why you NEED a solution that’s crafted SPECIFICALLY to your business and your needs.

That’s why when people try to slap a webinar together following some basic copy and paste template, it never works for them.

They are just trying to use a rehashed version of something else that may have worked somewhere else or for someone else in the industry.

But, it doesn’t meet their specific needs and they don’t know how to make it work.

Now that may sound a little scary at first. But this is…

Music To My Ears!

Let me tell you why…

Day in and day out, I see the challenges and struggles that business owners just like you are going through, when they are trying to get there webinars systems off the ground.

I don’t know how many people I’ve ran into that have spent a small fortune on courses and trainings, or they have followed their favorite gurus advice, yet they still have nothing to show for it, other than a burning hole in their wallet where the money they wasted use to be.

I feel your pain because when I first started over 9 years ago, I went through the same headaches, heartaches and pains. And when I first started out, I struggled.

I didn’t have anyone to hold my hand and show me; so I literally had to learn everything “the hard and expensive way”.

I had to learn the old-fashion way of trial by fire!

Which took me running hundreds of webinars and spending millions of dollars in an attempt to get people to register, attend and buy my products and services!

I’m sure that you’ll agree the Trial & Error method ISN’T smartest approach for launching a webinar system!

Not to mention… You can (and probably will) loose a boatload of money in the process, if you try to do things this way. Frankly, chances are you will ultimately fail.

That’s NOT what I want for you…

And there IS an easier solution!

Fortunately for you…

There’s a unique opportunity that I want to share with you.

What if you could benefit from all of my trials, errors and my early failures?

How cool would it be, if you could leverage my years of struggle & frustration; as well as my SUCCESSES!

What if you could get direct access to all my experience, tap my brain and squeeze out all the knowledge I’ve gained in close to a decade while designing, refining and optimizing the best webinar systems for businesses just like yours --- And how great would it be if you could put all that to work for you!

And if that’s not good enough…

What if…

I Can Help You Do All This For FREE!

You’re going to help me Sam?

Yep!.. You heard that right!

And YES, I can even really help you for FREE!

So, here’s what we can do together…

First, we’re going to jump on a quick call where we’ll talk about your specific business and the products and services that you offer, We do this so that we can understand EXACTLY what you sell and who’s the exact target market for your offer.

Next, we’ll dig into your current marketing plan and we’ll identify what you’re currently doing to generate leads and sales in your business. And we’ll also talk about what other ways that you could use to take you’re business to the next level.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running newspaper ads or if you are an expert at pay per click or social ads. There will be some things that we uncover during our discussion that will help you double… Even triple your results by the time we finish the call.

Once we’ve reviewed your business, identified your target customer, and evaluated what’s currently working (or not working) with your current marketing. That’s when we’ll dig in to devise a custom made automated webinar solution that is specific to your business, using our tested and proven framework that has generated millions of dollars for countless clients, customers and myself.

Here’s just a taste of some of the specific things we’ll cover on our call together.

  • Your Perfect Webinar Ad Framework: How to attract the best potential clients and how to target those people directly on Facebook properly.
  • The Automated Webinar Funnel Structure: The strategic funnel steps that are necessary to maximize your front-end leads and convert them into paying customers.
  • The Automated Webinar Tracking System: Here we ensure you can follow the money and properly calculate your R.O.A.S (Return On Ad Spend), because it’s not how much you make, but how much you keep and you cannot scale or improve what you cannot accurately measure.
  • Circle
    The Automated Webinar F.UP.S: Here you’ll discover the perfect “Follow Up System” to maximize every lead that you generate. If you’re looking for top dollar for every lead, sending them through a strategically written email follow up and ad campaign is the answer.

Basically, we’ll review every facet of your business to give you an iron clad webinar blueprint.

As you can imagine, this is a very valuable FREE Consultation (that doesn’t cost you a dime).

Just to put this in to perspective, I would typically charge clients anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 for this level of review and evaluation. Plus, the insights you’re going to gain alone are worth that price.

But fortunately for you…

It won’t cost you a single cent to take advantage of this strategic webinar planning session.

So, by now you’re probably thinking, “Okay Sam this sound great and all and I definitely see the value here… But what’s the catch?” How come you're giving away so much value for FREE? What’s the deal?

Again, another smart question!

Here’s Why I’m Offering This To You for FREE Today!

Actually, the answer is very simple!

I’ve owned a Digital Marketing Agency for close to 10 years, and we SPECIALIZE in creating High-Ticket automated webinar funnels and driving traffic to those funnels through multiple channels like Facebook, Google, & YouTube.

And it’s no secret that there’s a good possibility that your target market has lots of underserved potential clients that would respond extremely well to the Automated Webinar System I’m going to create for you.

This is the exact process that I use to get clients myself, and I know a small percentage of people we do this for will want my team and me to build their custom Automated Webinar system for them, too.

Call me old fashion, but I believe in delivering VALUE first, as opposed to trying to convince you as to why my team and I are the best in the industry when it comes to designing and implementing Automated Webinar Systems.

So, rather than talk about it… And all the things that we could do…

We’d rather PROVE IT!

We’d rather prove how we can help you by…

Well… actually helping you to design you’re custom Automated Webinar System for you first.

And what better way to prove it than by helping you for FREE!

Get A Custom Automated Webinar System Designed Specifically For Your Business, FREE!

Now once we complete our call together, you will have your very own Custom Automated Webinar System game plan laid out for you from start to finish, on a silver platter.

And once you do, there is one of 2 things that will happen next...

1: The first possibility is that you’ll absolutely love the Automated Webinar System we’ll create and design for you. You will immediately recognize the opportunity to grow and scale your business with this new system, and you may just want to go and build it for yourself.

If that’s the path you choose after our call, that’s great! I would wish you much success and I’d be just as happy that we were able to contribute to your future success.

2: The second possibility is that you’ll love the Automated Webinar System and you’ll want to dramatically cut the learning curve and timeframe short, by having my team and I build out the entire system for you, so that you can be up, running and get cash-flowing as quickly as possible.

And if that’s the case, we’ll get to work right away to get you up and going IMMEDIATELY!

When We Begin To Work For You Here’s What You Can Expect

First of all, you’re getting our EXACT winning System. My team and I will build everything for you from scratch, from A-Z. We take all your specific information and we’ll help you with the entire webinar script by providing you with a proven webinar conversion framework for High-Ticket products and services.

Once we get this step is completed, we’ll use the final webinar that you’ll record to extract the exact content for all of the ad copy and landing page copy, which we will write for you.

You’ll be provided with my proprietary contextual content ad strategy that we’ll also implement this on your behalf.

My web team and developers will also handle all of the “techie” stuff for you, too. We’ll even integrate it with your existing CRM or set one up for you, to ensure that you have a truly automated webinar system that will function properly from start to finish.

We also handle one of the biggest challenges for most people and that’s tackling Facebook Ads for you, too!

We’ll set up all your tracking using our proprietary Facebook tracking system, along with the leading top notch 3rd party tracking integrations that we use.

This ensures premium results in tracking your custom funnel and ads.

Let’s take a look under the hood…

The Automated Webinar Framework

What you see above is the foundational framework for what we’ll be creating for you. This Webinar Framework has been tested and proven to be a winner across multiple industries and it has literally generated millions of dollars for our clients.

This system will allow you to not only build a list of highly qualified leads that will be indoctrinated and predisposed to want to do business with you. But, additionally when this Framework is properly implemented and executed, it can literally build a 7-figure business or take a six-figure business to the seven figures level in a very short period of time.

We had one client in the Real Estate Investing niche that we helped take from Zero to over $100k in sales in just the first 30 days and we helped save his business.

Once we implemented the webinar framework and completed the campaign setup for you. We will also launch ads on Facebook using the same system we’re going to setup for you. This will be the one two punch that you need to bring your new or existing offers to the market place and to convert cold traffic into warm leads and high-ticket buyers.

You’ll see from the very start how powerful this is when we begin to design your personalized Automated Webinar system that you’ll be able to run around the clock, 7 days a week and continuously spits out qualified leads that will convert into sales.

​The Contextual Content Ad Strategy Framework

Next up is what we call, The Contextual Content Ad Strategy Framework.

Now this is much more than just a mouthful to say…

This is what really takes the Automated Webinar System and put it on steroids and it is the standard for scaling your webinar with Facebook Ads and other traffic sources.

This system was specifically designed to Maximize your R.O.A.S. or “Return On Ad Spend”, by not only helping you pinpoint your target audience, but also in pinpointing the most important segment of the audience and those that are the people that will most likely engage with your content.

I’ll walk you through this entire process, step by step, plus I’ll show you how we use our proprietary retargeting segmentation strategy to ensure that you generate and convert every possible lead available.

This approach will certainly give you an edge over the competition in your niche, especially those who are not applying this advanced methodology for engaging, attracting and converting targeted prospects into high-value paying customers.

Here’s How Much It Costs When You Decide You Want Us To Do Everything For You

We believe in full transparency and we’ve built a powerhouse name and brand on that very principle.

That’s why we’re always upfront in everything we do.

So, here’s the deal…

If we decide to work together, after your free consult, after receiving your free Automated Webinar System and after having me personally evaluate your exact needs that are specific to your business, we don’t waste any time getting started. My team will go right to work building everything out for you as mentioned above.

The total cost for everything – The entire Automate Webinar System built, setup and launched for you with full CRM integration, Landing pages, Ads, Ad Copy, Webinar Framework, Follow up sequences, based on our live consultation is only 3 payments of $4995.

And I’m sure I don’t have to tell that… Yes, that is a great price!

We’ve purposely priced our services to be affordable, because we know once we deliver you a fully functional Automated Webinar System that will drive leads and sales on autopilot, we’re willing to bet that you’ll want to see what else we can do for you and that you’ll become a customer for life.

As you can imagine, there is a huge demand in the marketplace right now for this type of service.

The demand is only growing day by day, as more and more people adopt automated webinar marketing into their sales process (and the potential tax write off doesn’t hurt, either).

So, because of the demand and the amount of effort and work that my team and I put in for you, we can only take on a small handful of clients for this special free offer, and we do have to limit availability to ensure the level of quality remains high for all of our clients.

So, if we don’t have any more slots available when you attempt to book, please be understanding.

The early bird gets the worm!

Here’s How To Get The Ball Rolling

First, as promised, let us help you by designing & building your custom Automated Webinar System --- For FREE.

And please understand that this IS NOT your “typical” phone consultation.

There will be real-world VALUE provided that you can immediately take and implement specifically to your business needs.

In fact just to make this a NO Brainer for you, if you feel I’ve wasted even one second of your time let me know, and I’ll immediately write you a check or PayPal you $50 to compensate you for your time.

Once we’ve completed your Automated Webinar System Design, and if you like what we create for you, then we can discuss working with you as a client, if you want to take things further.

Here’s What You Want To Do Next

FIRST- Schedule your FREE Automated Webinar System consultation session, by clicking the Apply button on this page.

NEXT- Choose a date & time that ‘s convenient for you! Once you’ve selected the best time, you’ll be taken to a short questionnaire, so we can learn a little bit more about you and your business, so that we can properly prepare for your call.

And don’t worry… The questionnaire isn’t difficult, It’s just a few questions that helps gives us some insight into who you are and exactly what your business needs are to ensure we can maximize our time together.

Basically, this info will help us to start formulating a plan and some ideas for your Automated Webinar System, so that we can have a base foundation for when we hop on our call.

Here’s What Happens When We Talk!

Chances are…

You’ll more than likely get on the call directly with me (or an expert member of my team), and I highly recommend that you are sitting in front of your desktop or laptop, so we can really focus and dig in on your business and goals.

We’ll start with a few simple of questions, so I can find out how your business works or how you would like for it to work. Plus, we’ll also get a firm understanding of your current products or services that you’re selling (or those you want to start selling).

Next we’ll find out… How much are your current price points and if they’re in alignment with your income goals. Also, some simple addition and subtraction of how many leads, appointments or sales you need to start earning the type of income you deserve.

Basically, we want to get an idea of where you are now and where you want to be.

Once we’ve gone through our assessment will dig in and start building the Automated Webinar System that’s geared for you’re specific needs, to help you achieve those goals we just covered.

We’ll break everything down from the target audience, messaging, systems, webinar framework, and structure. Everything you need, so that when we’re done, you have a full battle plan that can be executed to achieve maximum results in your business.

This system will be SPECIFIC and unique to you. It’s will be one of a kind and it will have all the elements necessary to build a 7 figure business and beyond.

Once Your Automated Webinar System Is Finished

Once we finish your FREE plan, you’ll have two options to use the system we design for you.

First, you can take everything we layout for you, and you could go build the entire system yourself or hire someone else to do it for you.

Again, if that’s the route you take, I’d be happy we were able to provide some major value to you and your business, and I’ll wish you the best of luck.

Your second option is to have my team and I build it for you.

If that’s your choice, then we’ll dive right in and get busy. We’ll begin building the system, setting up all the pages, integrating them with your CRM and being putting the ad campaign together. Everything we promised above and we’ll meet with you in person too help with the webinar itself, and we provide you with ongoing support every step of the way, all for only three monthly payments of $4,995.

Regardless of whatever you deiced at that time, please know there will NEVER be any hardcore sales or pressure tactics to become a client.

I’m more of a results speak for themselves kind of guy and chances are even if we don’t work together, by making sure you have a great experience, you may refer us to someone else in the near future.

Still Sound Too Good To Be True?

Well, There Is One Small Catch...

We can’t and won’t talk to just anyone

In order for us to invest our time and to talk to the right kind of people that are serious about this, we do require that you must meet some strict (but very reasonable) criteria before we invest the amount of time and energy necessary to provide you with a custom Automated Webinar Marketing System.

​So, Here’s The Deal

1. You must sell a product or service that provides true value to the customer and you must be dedicated to getting your customers results. So if you sell “get rich quick” products, if you’re looking to cheat people out of money or do anything shady that takes advantage of people in any way… Sorry Charlie… I apologize in advance because we can’t and won’t help you.

2. If you expect results overnight and aren’t willing to commit to doing the small amount of work that’s required to help you become successful. Then we’re probably not going to be a good fit either! You must be coachable and able to follow some simple basic instructions in order to receive stellar results. And…

Lastly, you must have an actual business!

3. This isn’t for newbies who have zero experience helping people get results. You must have some kind of knowledge and expertise that you can share, you must have previously helped people in your profession, or you must provide a service that has some kind of track record. So if all of this sounds “new” to you, and the only thing you heard today was that you need a webinar and riches will pour down from the heavens --- Then we’re probably not going to be a good fit to help you get results.

That’s pretty much it! As long as you’re legit and have an actual business or business idea, I’ll be excited to help you take things to the next level.

And if you get value out of the FREE help I’m going to provide, and if you want to become client, that’s great, too and we can do some incredible things together!

But, nothing happens until you Book Your Free Call!

Thanks for taking the time to read this MESSAGE and I look forward to speaking with you in person soon!

Sam Bell III

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