How To Use The PS In Your Ad Copy 


What is the PS?


PS stands for postscript. It comes from the Latin word, postscriptum, which means “written after”.


It’s used to communicate an afterthought after the main message has been relayed.


The PS was notoriously used in letter writing and personal emails. But over the recent years, its use as a marketing tool has grown.


People use them in sales copy and marketing emails for various reasons:



  • To make the selling point stand out
  • To increase conversions
  • To engage readers

It’s a great way to get your readers’ attention one last time as you conclude your copy.


How to use PS in your ad copy


1. To reinforce your message


Sometimes people will gloss over your copy and only pay attention to the last bit. So this presents a great opportunity for you to use this section to reiterate your message.


What’s your main message? What’s your biggest takeaway from the copy?


Summarize it in a few lines and include it in your PS.


If your biggest goal is to drive people to take action, repeat your call-to-action in the PS.


Remind people to grab the offer or buy the item or download the training.


2. To increase urgency


The PS is the last section of your copy. It’s the last chance with your reader to convince them to take action. So make it count.


Increase the urgency to motivate them take immediate action.


You can do this by introducing a bonus or valuable offer in the PS.


For example, promote your main offer in the body of the copy and then add your bonus in the PS.


Your bonus could be in the form of a discount or a valuable add-on to the main offer. Emphasize to the reader that this bonus would only apply if your they acted immediately.


3. To include testimonials


Use the PS to include testimonials and quotes from people who’ve tried your product/service and gotten stellar results.


This increases the persuasiveness of your copy. It reassures your readers that your product does indeed work, making them more motivated to take action.



Your PS doesn’t have to be stiff or promotional. Appeal to your customers on a human level. Inject some humor and personality in it. It’s a great way to nurture budding customer relationships.


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