How To Write Fascinating Bullet Points That Sell


Bullet points are a staple in content creation and marketing.


You’ve seen them everywhere. In blog posts, sales letters, email newsletters, facebook ads, and the good old PowerPoint presentations.


Content marketers use them for a reason. That’s because they grab attention and boost sales.


But only if you write them well.


Bullet points should make your copy lively and interesting, not dull and boring.


So what separates the yawn-inducing bullet points from the fascinating ones?


More on that to follow. First…


Why are bullet points important?


Bullet points:

  • Add variety by breaking up the monotony of paragraphs
  • Summarize key information into digestible chunks
  • Make the copy readable and scannable

Bullets are much more than just a list of features and benefits. When done right, they should arouse curiosity and increase the persuasiveness of your copy.


Let’s imagine a speaker selling a course on speaking. Here’s what you might learn in the course:

  • How to structure your speech points
  • Professional speaking skills
  • Easy planning for speeches

Boring! These bullet points fall flat. They fail to engage.


If we were to spice them up a bit, here’s how they’d read instead:

  • Learn how to structure your speech to inspire and educate your audience
  • Speak like a pro so you’ll be respected and seen as an authority
  • Plan groundbreaking speeches without all the stress and hassle for speeches

Do you see the difference? While the first example of bullet points were plain, the second one excels in piquing some interest.


So how do you make bullet points interesting?


The first thing to keep in mind when writing bullet points is how you’re going to arouse curiosity in your reader. Your bullet points should make them want to learn more about your product.


So list them all down. Then ask yourself, which of these would make my readers curious? Take note of them.


Here’s an example of bullet points from a course that taps into the reader’s curiosity:

  • Tools to identify – and then stretch beyond – your “comfort zone”. (What tools are these?)

  • The secret psychology behind setting goals … and why most “goal-setting systems” fail. (A secret psychology? I want to know more about that)
  • Uncover the most powerful single word for achieving your goals and attracting everything into your life that you ever wanted. (The most powerful single word? Tell me more!

The second thing to keep in mind is how you’re going to tease your readers. Your bullet points should give them a little taste of what to expect. This whets their appetite. It makes them excited to keep reading and find out more.


For example, if you’re selling an ebook, you might include some interesting chapters and insights in your bullet points and where to find them. Here’s an example of what I mean:


  • How to get a product to sell if you don’t have one already, and how to get it for nothing! (see page 11)

  • How to get as much money as you need to really get rolling...and get it without borrowing! (see page 19)
  • How to get movie and TV stars to help you sell your products and services! (See page 21)

The basics of writing bullet points

  • 1
    Keep them brief. Long complex bullet points defeat the whole purpose of keeping your copy readable
  • 2
    Express a clear promise in each bullet point. Make a bold claim that your product will give your customers what they desire. You must be able to deliver on your promise, though.
  • 3
    If possible, keep the bullet points symmetrical. It’s easier on the eyes, again, making your copy readable and scannable.
  • 4
    Start your bullet points with verbs instead of nouns to keep your copy interesting.

Understanding the needs and desires of your customers is the first step in writing fascinating bullet points. From there, it becomes like walk in the park.


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