5 Short Tips To Help You Write Powerful Body Copy


So your intriguing headline has stopped people in their tracks.


It’s got them interested. They’ve clicked on your ad. Now they want to find out more.




But, be careful. You could end up losing them all if the body if your copy fails to engage.


The body is the meat of your copy.


Once you’ve grabbed people’s attention with your lead, you need to keep them hooked and engaged with your body copy.


If they get bored along the way or if they find the information too complicated, they’ll click away.


So your goal when writing the body should be to keep it simple and engaging while giving as much necessary information about your product as possible.


Depending on the copy angle you use, the body is where you address the benefits of your products, the features, the solutions, the facts, the claims and anything else that’s crucial for your reader to know.


This is also where you address all the objections your reader might have. Erase any doubts in their minds. That way, it becomes easier for them to say yes to the sale.


5 tips to help you write powerful body copy


1. For any claim you make, support it with data


If you want people to take your copy seriously, back it up with the relevant research, links, and testimonials. This makes people more likely to believe you because it shows that you’re knowledgeable and that your product is legitimate.


2. Use power words


To get your readers to take action, use power words. Power words are persuasive words that trigger an emotional response in people. Using them will make your copy strong, engaging and compelling.


3. Use active verbs, not nouns


The secret to writing effective copy is using words that elicit action.


For example, instead of saying:


“Our specialization is social media advertising and provision of marketing solutions for your needs”  (noun)


You could say:


“We specialize in social media advertising and solving your marketing problems.” (verb)


4. Appeal to people’s emotions


People buy out of an emotional need. Therefore, to make the sale, you have to persuade them emotionally first. So get clear on what emotion you’d like to appeal to.


Fear is a particularly strong emotion. You could appeal to their fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of being left behind or missing out. Speak to these emotions throughout your copy.


It all depends on your customers’ needs.


5. Break up the text


The fastest way to turn off readers is to have them read huge blocks of text. Don't make it hard for your reader to engage with you. Keep paragraphs short and to the point. A maximum of 3 lines is enough.


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