Congratulations It Worked!

We Received Your Application & You're Just Steps Away From Speaking With Our Team. Below We Have Put Together Some Simple Instructions To Help You Get The Most Out Of Our Strategy Session!

Your application is now complete! We'll review your information to see if we can HELP and if we can't we'll email you. If you don't receive an email saying that we can't help you, we look forward to speaking to you at the scheduled time.

In the meantime, please complete the steps below now:

Step #1: Set Reminders For Your Appointment Time

Here are some suggestions to help make sure you attend your consultation at the correct time:

  • Print off your confirmation email and leave it near your computer,
  • Add the time and date to your online calendar system,
  • Also, add the time and date to your smart phone calendar,
  • We also recommend adding the consultation details as a reminder on your smart phone,
  • Stick a post-it note on your computer monitor (old school!).

Here are some suggestions to help make sure you attend your consultation at the correct time:

Step #2: Prepare Yourself For The Consultation

Before the call it's important that you take some time to reflect on 3 things:
(1) Where you are NOW.
(2) Where you want it to be 90 days from now.
(3) How important it is that you make this transformation.

We highly recommend that before you attend the call you write down specific answers to all 3 points, so that we can help you to the best of our ability during our time together. Also, if you have a spouse or business partner that has to be apart of the decision to partner with us, please bring them to the call.

We're very picky about who we partner with because we only want to accept people who we KNOW we can help and that we're certain it will be a mutually beneficial partnership!

So that we can be sure if that's YOU, be prepared to answer our questions about where you are now and where you want to be.

Step #3: If For Whatever Reason, You Didn't Watch The Full Masterclass, Or You want To Review, You Can do That Here...

*Please Be Sure To Have Watched Video In Full Before Your Call

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David Sharpe
Owner and Found of Legendary Entrepreneur

Cody Sperber
CEO of Clever Investor

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Creator of Video Traffic Ads Academy