Identifying & Communicating with Your Target Audience

When it comes to making money online through Facebook Advertising, there’s a specific way to target people for your ads. And, because in today’s world people don’t like being sold to, it’s also important that you communicate with your target audience without sounding too sales-like.

In order to communicate with your audience in a way which gets them interested, you need to know what they want.

Ask yourselves what are they actively looking for?

One of the biggest differences between advertising on Google and advertising on Facebook is that on Google, people search for the things they want. And so, there’s a higher intent in what they’re actually looking for.

If someone types in on Google ‘How do I make money online?’ you know exactly what they’re looking for. On Facebook, you don’t bid so much on keywords, but rather on psychographic and demographic related terms, or as we call them, interests.

In the High Ticket Avatar Method, our approach relies around using Google in order to find targets for our ads based on their search intent.

Most websites you see online will likely have their own Facebook Page. So, first, we use the search intent on Google to find out what people are looking for. Then we take the first organic listing (or group of listings) that we see and go to Facebook and check if they have an audience.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly never heard of And I doubt many others have. So what this tells me is that this keyword is quite a high volume keyword for which an audience exists. And if that website which is on the top of the listings has a Facebook page, then that’s probably where that audience is hanging out.

Let’s check and see. Next thing I do is click on that link and lo and behold, they have a Facebook page called Save the Student. What this means is that the people searching in Google “How do I make money online?” and running into as their first listing are also likely to be the same people that are on their Facebook page, liking that page and all its content.

And if you’re advertising for something aimed towards this particular audience, then this is an interest that you can target which has low competition. As I’ve said before, not many people would have even heard of Save the Student.

But our work isn’t done yet. Now that we’ve found a potential interest, what we want to do is validate and see if Save the Student is actually an interest that we can target. I’ll get to that in the next blog post.

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