How To Create Retargeting Lists On Facebook Using A Customer File

You’ll first start by preparing your customer data.


Get a spreadsheet with all your customer data. This data may include:


i) email


ii) phone number


iii) first name


iv) last name


v) city


vi) state


vii) country


viii) date of birth


ix) age


x) zip code


xi) gender


Facebook uses this data to match your customers and also find people similar to those customers.


You can also include a column for customer LTV on the spreadsheet.


Customer LTV is the net profit you’ll earn from a single customer over the lifetime of your relationship. It measures how profitable a customer is.


You calculate customer LTV by adding the following three things: The average transaction, annual purchase frequency, and expected years of relationship with the customer.


It’s important to note that this isn’t a new audience for you to target. It simply provides another column of data for an audience of your customers that you should already have.


Facebook offers the following tips for adding LTVs:


1.  Use dollar values only for each customer. Don’t include ratings or

rankings, for example.


2. Include a full range of customers, from low to high value. This allows Facebook to be able to hone in on what might distinguish an average customer from a great one.


3. Don’t use negative values to signify undesirable customers. Doing this will mess up the calculations.


4. Make sure you’re using the same currency throughout.


5. Use decimals for cents, but no other punctuation.


Once all your data is ready, it’s time to upload it to Facebook.


Log in to your ads manager and go to “Audiences”


Click on “Create Audience” to bring up a drop down menu. Then choose “custom audience”

On the following window that shows up, click on “customer file”

On the next page, you’ll be given three options.

Use the first option if you have your customer LTV.


Use the second option if you don’t have your customers LTV


Use the third option if Mailchimp is your email marketing provider. You can then imports contacts directly from Mailchimp onto Facebook.


Now that you’ve uploaded your data, give your audience a name and save it.

You’re now ready to create retargeting ads using this list.




That’s it for retargeting lists using a customer file. 


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