4 Facebook Retargeting Tactics That Work


If you want to build successful retargeting campaigns on Facebook, then you need to deliver unique ads to custom audiences segmented according to their browsing history and interests.


Continue reading this article to discover 4 ways you can turn past website visitors and cold leads into loyal customers using Facebook retargeting campaigns.


1. Retarget people who’ve visited specific webpages


When people visit a specific page on your website, either they are interested in your product or service or they are already familiar with your business.


To retarget these people, you’ll need to create a custom audience for them.


To do so, go to the menu and click on Audiences.



Choose “Create a custom audience”

On the next window that shows up, choose “website traffic”


From the website traffic drop-down menu, select “people who visited specific webpages”.  Then type in your landing page URL


With this setting, you’ll also be including people who’ve already made a purchase in this audience. Therefore, we have to exclude them. To do so, add another condition to exclude visitors to your thank you page.


Once you’re done, name your audience and click “Create Audience”


2. Retarget your blog readers


People who visit your blog find it through numerous channels. Maybe they seached for it, or they clicked a link on your email newsletter, or they were referred from another blog page.


For most of these people, once they visit your blog page, they probably will never come back. So it’s important that you retarget these people to recapture their attention and turn them into warm leads.


To retarget blog readers, create a custom audience of people who’ve visited your blog home page or read specific articles on your site


Once you’re done, name your audience and click “Create audience”


3. Retarget people who’ve previously bought from you


If someone buys from you and they are happy with your product, they are most likely to become a repeat customer. So there’s huge potential when it comes to retargeting previous buyers.


You need to get creative here and think about possible upselling opportunities. Alternatively, come up with accompanying add-ons that you can sell to complement previous purchases.  


For example, if customers bought a music CD, you can offer them headphones or DVD players or TVs. The options are endless.


To retarget your previous buyers, create a custom audience of people who’ve visited your thank you or confirmation page.


4. Retarget people who almost completed a purchase


How many times have you added items to your cart and ended up not buying anything at all?


I’m sure we can all relate.


To get back these people who’ve abandoned their cart so they can complete their purchase, you need to create a retargeting campaign.


Make use of emotional triggers to make the retargeting ads even more effective. You can do that by indicating a limited time offer on a certain product or service.


In order to retarget these people who almost completed a purchase, you need to create a custom audience targeted to people who visited your check out page. Make sure to exclude people who’ve already bought from you.


Once you’re done, name your audience and click on “Create Audience”


When creating retargeting ads to these people, make sure to include the items left unbought. Additionally, offer a limited time offer discount to create a sense of urgency.




That’s it for retargeting tactics. If you would like my help in implementing this and other strategies to sell your high ticket products and services, get in touch with me by clicking the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation.

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