How To Create A Retargeting List On Facebook Using Video View Engagement

One way of defining an engagement audience is through video.


Video allows you to create an audience of people who’ve watched at least 3 seconds of your videos on your Facebook page or your Instagram business profile.


You can then create retargeting ads to these people who’ve watched your videos.


How To Create A Retargeting List Using Video View Engagement


Log in to your ads manager and click on “Audiences”


Click on “Create Audience” to bring up a drop down menu. Then choose “custom audience”

On the following window that shows up, click on “Video”


Now you can create different types of custom video audiences. You can create 6 different video custom audience for the same video:


i) People who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video


ii) People who viewed at least 10 seconds on your video


iii) People who have watched at least 25% of your video


iv) People who have watched at least 50% of your video


v) People who have watched at least 75% of your video


vi) People who have watched at least 95% of your video



The choice of video custom audience that you should select will depend on the duration and engagement level of your video.


If you are using a short video (less than 60 seconds), go for 50-95% watch duration.


If you are using a medium to long duration video (1-5 min and above), start with 25% view time


It’s not advisable to use 3 seconds watch time because Facebook starts video automatically. People could casually be watching a video for a few seconds to see what it’s about. That doesn't necessarily qualify them as engaged users.


So click on the option that best suits you and then choose the video you want to use


It’s recommended to leave the time window at 365 days, as we want as many engaged video viewers in this audience as possible.


Then enter a name for your audience and click “Create Audience”


Once this custom audience has been set up, you won’t need to update it manually as it will update automatically as new people watch your video.


You’re now ready to create retargeting ads using this list.




That’s it for creating retargeting lists with video view engagement.


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