The Role Placements Play In Facebook Ads Creation


When creating an ad campaign, there are 3 main levels that you go through:

  • 1
    Campaign level - This is where you choose your objective
  • 2
    Ad set level - This is where you specify the audience you’re targeting, then set your ad’s budget and schedule
  • 3
    Ad level - Finally, this is where you create and format the ad.

At the final level, the ad level, you’ll have to choose your ad placement. This is what this blog post is about. Read on to find out more about what placements are.


What is a placement?


A placement is basically where you want your ad to appear.


You can either let Facebook automatically choose an ad placement for you or you could manually choose where you want to place them.


The 3 types of placements we’re going to focus on in this post are:


  • 1
    Desktop news feed
  • 2
    Mobile news feed
  • 3

Obviously, your choice of placement will vary with your campaign objectives.


But before we dive into that, let’s look at the types of ad formats available.


Types of ad formats


Ad placement is all about the where. Where will your ad appear?


When it comes to the ad formats, it’s all about the how. How will your ad look like?


Facebook provides you with different options depending on your business goals:


1. Image ad


All your ads need to have an image. Adding a relevant image directly impacts the success of your ads.



2. Video ad


Instead of adding an image, you can add a video to your ads. Videos are a great way of increasing engagement with your ads.


3. Carousel ad

This is an image ad with up to ten images in the same ad, each with its own link.

4. Collection ads


This format allows you to incorporate video and images in the same ad.

5. Slideshow ads


As the name suggest, these ads combine video, images, text and sound to grab your audience’s attention.


Different types of ad placements


Facebook recommends that you choose automatic placements for your ads. That way your ads will automatically be placed in the areas that they perform best. This helps you to maximize your ad’s budget and delivery.


But sometimes, depending on your objectives, manually choosing a placement for your ad is the better option.


1. Desktop news feed

If you choose to place your ad on the desktop news feed, it will appear on people’s desktop sites. News feed ads are more likely to generate highly qualified leads because they are in your audiences’ news feed. Of course, the conversion rate depends on how targeted your ad is.


This is how an ad on a desktop news feed would look like:


2. Mobile News Feed


When you choose a mobile news feed placement, your ad will appear on people’s phones or tablets.


Generally, the overall engagement on mobile ads is higher. People tend to comment, like, and share content more on their phones than on their desktops.


This is how a mobile newsfeed ad would look like:


3. Instagram

An Instagram ad placement allows you to show your ad on people’s feeds or stories. 


An Instagram ad on a news feed would look like this:


An Instagram ad on a story would look like this:





That’s it for ad placements. If you would like my help in implementing these and other strategies to sell your high ticket products and services, get in touch with me by clicking the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation.

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