How to Use The How-To Angle To Write Better Facebook Ads


The How-To angle is one of the classics. Here’s where you give value to your audience by showing them how to do something.


What’s their biggest goal? Teach them how to get it with this copy angle.


A typical how-to angle would have these 5 parts:

  • 1
    How-To Headline
  • 2
  • 3
    "Yeah but HOW?" statement
  • 4
    Useful big picture
  • 5

1. How-to headline


The how-to headline is just as simple as that. How to do something. Tell your readers outright that you’re going to teach them how to do something specific, like:


“How to Build  A Custom Automated Webinar”


2. Intro


Next, you move to the intro. Introduce yourself to your readers. Show them what you do, what your qualifications are, and why they should listen to you.


If you’re teaching them how to build a custom automated webinar, then you should’ve already done that successfully.


So toot your horn. Tell them how many webinars you’ve built, how much money you’ve made from these webinars, how many people you’ve helped. Be as specific as possible. Your aim is to make your readers go, “Ok, this guy sure knows his stuff.”


Here's a simple example of an intro:


“For the last 9 years, I've been perfecting high-ticket automated webinar systems and traffic generation for myself and my clients


And after spending millions of dollars testing different funnel types and traffic generation strategies, I've developed what I believe to be one of the most effective webinar marketing systems on the planet.”


3. “Yeah, But HOW?” statement


This is the fun part. In just a statement or two, you make a claim that makes the reader go, “Yeah, but how??”


So just after the intro, you could say,


“Look, the reason there are so many ads with people inviting you to their webinars, is because webinars produce some of the most lucrative results for online and offline businesses.


And you can produce these same lucrative results with webinars in your business, too.”


The question on everyone’s minds will be, “OK, great, but how?” They’ll want to know how to get these lucrative results.


That’s the question you answer in the next section.


4. Useful big picture


This is where you show how your product works. Give them a useful big picture of the results they can expect after using your product.


For example:


“This strategy will help you build a multiple six figure or seven figure business business, no matter what industry you’re in.


I've created a simple PDF with the exact framework and recorded a training video that walks you through the framework step by step.”

So the readers' “Yeah, but how?” question is answered. They now know that they can get lucrative results from webinars through this strategy, which is a simple PDF with the exact framework and recorded a training video, that walks you through the framework step by step


If you can, share something useful or valuable, ideally something that can give them immediate results. This builds your trust factor. It also whets their appetite. It gives them a little taste of the results they can expect from buying your product.


So paint a vivid useful picture while giving away as much value as you can.


And for every bold claim you make, explain and demonstrate how. Otherwise, it’s going to be really hard to make people believe you.


Basically, for every statement you make that will have the reader go, “Yeah, but how?” address it. Squash all those objections as soon as they come up so that by the time you’re asking for the sale, you’ve erased all doubts in their minds.


5. CTA


Finally, you ask for the sale. People want to know what’s inside before they can buy. Break down all the cool things inside that people are going to learn about.  If it’s an online course, outline all the modules inside and what each is about.


Then tell people how they can get the product and where to buy it.


Like this example below. It breaks down all 5 parts of the training before asking for people to download it:


“Now, this system is comprised of 5 parts that I'm going to break down in detail when you get access to the training shortly.


<img draggable=The first part is the Automated Webinar System framework and funnel structure – I break down the exact funnel and process we use to put high-ticket prospect through to become paying clients.


<img draggable= The second part is the FB Pixel funnel strategy – this is part of the secret sauce to help us track, optimize, and scale the ads that are feeding our funnel


<img draggable=The third part is my Contextual Content ad strategy which breaks down how we use content-based ads to grow our audience and establish authority in the marketplace


<img draggable=The fourth part is the FB Hierarchy strategy which walks through the exact campaign structure we implement when launching our ads


<img draggable=The fifth and last part is our Behavioral Retargeting strategy which helps us maximize our Return On Ad Spend while also reducing our cost.


You'll discover all this and few other golden nuggets in the pdf and video I created for you.


Now if you're wondering why I would give away my most lucrative strategy for building profitable webinar systems and what’s in it for me?


Well, it's quite simple, by me showing you this strategy and providing a ton of value up front there's a small chance that you may want us to help you implement everything you're going to learn.


In fact, when you watch the video training to the end, I'm also going to share how you can have me build a fully customized high-ticket automated webinar system for FREE!


I’ve put all the details in the training video and pdf.


You can get instant access to the training here <img draggable=“”





That’s the basic framework of the How-To copy angle. Play around with it. Nothing is set in stone. Test and see what works for you. Look for ads that use this How-To angle and borrow some ideas from them.


In the next blog post, we’ll talk about the third copy angle, which works best for skeptical audiences. So be on the lookout for that.


If you would like some help in implementing these strategies to sell your high ticket products and services, I'd love to help. Please click the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation with me.

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