3 Examples Of Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives At Play


Before creating a Facebook ad, you first need to get clear on your end goal.


What do you want your ad to do?


Whether you want to increase downloads, drive sales or increase engagement, Facebook offers a variety of different campaign objectives to help you reach your goals


They are broken down into 3 categories: awareness, consideration and conversion. Under each of these categories are various options to choose from.


Depending on your goals, be sure to pick the category that works best with where your audience is in your sales funnel.


For example, awareness objectives are at the top of the funnel. Use these to garner interest in your brand, to spread awareness to people who might not have heard of you.


Consideration objectives are in the middle of the funnel. You could use these to reach people who might be interested in your offerings and are likely to engage with you.


Conversion objectives are at the bottom of the funnel. Use these when you want to convert people, when you want people to drive people to do a certain action, whether that be buying a product, opt-in to a list or register for an event.


Below are 3 examples of ads in each of the above categories.


Brand awareness


If your goal is to spread awareness about your business, then choosing an awareness objective is the best way to go.


In the example below, Gyros2Go has created an ad that highlights their freshly made gyros and pizzas to people in the local area.





If you have an offer that you want people to claim, you can do so by creating an ad with a coupon, discount or special deal.


In the example below, FMTV wants people to sign up for full access to their library. To encourage people to do so, they’re offering a $1 deal to gain full access.





If you want to increase conversions on your website, then you need to create ads that encourage people to visit your website.


In the example below, Thrive Themes wants people to sign up to their free video course to learn about the 3 crucial elements for building and selling an online course.


When you click on the link at the bottom, it takes you to a landing page where you have to input your contact information to gain access to the video course.




Those are just a few examples to help you see various objectives in action. As always, keep testing your objectives to see what works for you.


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