Steal This Free Facebook Ad Template And Use It For Writing Your Own Ads 


Do you have a template for your Facebook ads?


Having a template will not only cut your time in half but it will guarantee you results every time.


In this post I’m going to share with you the exact Facebook Ad template that I use in my agency.


It’s broken down into 7 parts, as you’ll see in a bit. And then later in the blog post, there is an example ad that I used to advertise a free training on real estate.


Let’s jump right in.


The Facebook Ad Template


I normally have the template in a text file. It’s made up of 7 parts:


1. Ad Copy tips


This is a list of things that I want to keep in mind. They are for my benefit. You can put in whatever tips you want to.


2. Post text


This is the main body of the ad that’s going to be posted on Facebook.


3. Destination URL


This is the URL of the page that your readers are going to be taken to or land on.


4. Display link


This is the URL of the domain name that they are going to be taken to.


5. The headline


This is the ad heading.


6. Link description


What text will be on the link? Depending on your goals, it could be something like “Click the link now to get access”


7. Call to action button


What action do you want your readers to take? This could be something like “Join Now” or “Download Now”, whatever your case might be.


Facebook Ad Example


The copy angle that I used in this example is the counter angle. This is a viewpoint that’s contrary to popular belief. I’m going against what most gurus are telling people to do.


The lead that I used is the big secret lead. It’s based around some new-found knowledge or wisdom that provides a solution or a hidden problem.


This is the ad itself:


If you want to build true wealth through real estate investing, don't make the number one mistake that most gurus are telling you to do. (counter angle)


You see, there's been some very misleading information given to the masses through fake house flipping shows and seminar gurus to be successful in real estate, you need to buy and own as many single family homes as possible.


This will show you what to do and not to do: [LINK HERE] (I’ve put my first call-to-action here. So for those people who are ready to click and find out more, they are free to do that.)


What they're not saying is that buying single family home exclusively is the riskiest way to invest in real estate.


The truly wealthy real estate investor doesn't waste their time with single family because they know better and understand the power of leverage and non-recourse financing. (that’s a term the masses may not be familiar with, but for the people who are interested in real estate, that will resonate with them)


Wealthy real estate investors never use their credit or money, and they only invest in multi-unit buildings for massive passive cash flow. (the big secret reveal)


The quick flip mentality is what's keeping investors from realizing their true earning potential!


This is why I decided to create a FREE, no pitch online training to show NEW & EXPERIENCED investors how to create true wealth through multi-unit property investing (the solution)


Here are just a few things that I’ll be revealing on this FREE training: (transition to the bullets)

  • Why investing in single family homes can bankrupt you & why you should avoid it!
  • How one couple retired in their 20’s, applying this one strategy...
  • How to create passive income, leveraging other people's money & create unlimited cash flow
  • The one strategy to get funding for investment property anywhere in the US, even if you're a foreign national!
  • How to buy extremely discounted multi-unit property way under budget
  • The simple shortcut to acquiring your first multi-unit passive cashflow property
  • How to have other people manage the property for you & never speak to a tenant again!

Plus much much more…


You can RSVP here for the training: [LINK HERE] (this is the CTA)


-Sam Bell III


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You’re free to use this template in your own Facebook ads. Try it out. Incorporate other things, remove others. Just test until you found what works for you.


I’ve also got a list of resources for you. This is where I’ve learned a lot of this stuff from and I recommend you check them out too:



  • 1
    Great Leads by Michael Masterson & John Forde
  • 2
    Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz
  • 3
    Triggers by Joe Sugarman
  • 4
    Words That Sell by Richard Bayan
  • 5
    Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

Websites where you can get additional emojis to spice up your ads. I’ve found that incorporating emojis increases the CTR:

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