How To Take Advantage Of The Facebook Advanced Matching Pixel So You Can Optimize Your Ads' Performance


What is the Facebook Advanced Matching Pixel?


The Facebook advanced matching pixel is a tool designed to help you match your customers’ data to your Facebook ad campaigns.


This data includes email addresses, phone numbers, and other demographic data.


Prior to this, it wasn’t possible to track Facebook audience conversions unless the conversion happened within the browser that also had the Facebook cookie present.


But with this tool, you’re able to connect users to conversions even when they’re using other browsers or even if they’ve cleared all their cookies.


Benefits of using the Facebook Advanced Matching Pixel


1.  It will help you increase your custom audience size


Custom audiences enable you to target people who’ve interacted with your site. By using the advanced matching pixel, Facebook will be able to automatically and continuously sync your customer data and match it with people on Facebook. This in turn leads to an increase in your custom audience size.


2. It will help you increase the number of Facebook ad conversions


The matching pixel offers you information that shows you the complete picture of your ads performance. You’ll be able to see who was exposed to your ads, how they responded and if they converted.


With this data, you’ll be able to optimize your facebook ads futher for better performance.


How to set up the Facebook Advanced Matching Pixel


You’ll be given two options when setting this up. You can either do it manually or automatically.


Facebook recommends you go the automatic route as it doesn’t involve any code changes.


To do that, log in to your ads manager.


Proceed to the events manager.


Select your pixel.


After clicking on your pixel, go to Settings in the resulting page that follows. It’s on the left hand side of the page.



On the right side of the page that follows, toggle the on switch on the Advanced Automatic Matching.


Then select the parameters that you’d like to send from your website.


Now you’re all set up. You’ll be able to automatically send customer data from your website.




It goes without saying that he more data you have on how your campaigns perform, the better. But you have to be able to gather insights and execute on the data. Thankfully, the data being delivered through this Advanced Pixel is actionable.


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