The 5 Common Facebook Pixel Helper Errors and How To Troubleshoot Them


The Facebook Pixel Helper is a tool that helps you check whether your pixel is working properly or not.


Installing it is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to the Chrome Web store and add the extension to your browser.


Once you’ve installed it, you can run a test to see if everything is mapped out properly. Sometimes, there are some common errors that might come up. Here are the most common and how you can troubleshoot them.


Error 1: No pixel found


When you click the Pixel Helper icon and see a message that no pixels were found on that page, it means you haven’t finished installing your facebook pixel.


To make sure you’ve finished the pixel set up instructions, visit the pixels tab in your ads manager and go through the whole process to ensure that you’ve set it up completely and correctly.


Error 2: Pixel did not load


This means that the Pixel Helper has managed to find what looks like the Facebook pixel code on your site, but the pixel isn't passing back data from your site. There are two reasons this might be happening:


i) There is an error in your pixel code.


To fix this, go back and check your pixel code to make sure that you didn’t make an error while copying and pasting the code. Compare the code on your site with that provided on your facebook account to make sure they match correctly.


ii) The pixel has fired on a dynamic event


If you’ve set up a dynamic event, for example, when someone clicks a button on your website, sometimes the pixel might fire on it, creating an error.


To fix this, just click on the button where you've attached your pixel code then click on the Pixel Helper again to see if the problem has been fixed.


Error 3: Resembles a standard event


When you see this error, it means that the Facebook Pixel Helper has found a custom event that seems similar to a Facebook Standard Event. This could most probably be caused by a typo. For example, instead of “AddToCart”, it is “AddtCart”.


To fix this error, go back to your pixel code and make sure that the event is named correctly.

It’s recommended to use standard events whenever possible. If you actually intend to use that custom event with that particular name, you can ignore this warning.


Error 4: Pixel activated multiple times


This error occurs when your pixel with the same ID and event has sent the same signal multiple times to Facebook. This is disadvantageous as it could affect the accuracy of your site’s reporting.


To fix this error, make sure that you've only included the Facebook pixel base code on your site once. Then send the pixel ID and event once and upon page loading. If it is sent with different data custom data parameters, those parameters should be merged into a single pixel event.


Error 5: Invalid pixel ID


When you see this error, it means that pixel ID in your Facebook pixel base code isn't recognised by Facebook.


To fix this, check your Facebook ads manager and confirm that your pixel ID is not different. If it is, you'll need to replace the pixel ID in your pixel base code with the pixel ID assigned to an active ad account.




That’s it for the 5 common Facebook Pixel Helper errors and how to troubleshoot them. If you would like my help in implementing this and other strategies to sell your high ticket products and services, get in touch with me by clicking the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation.

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