How To Find Similar Pages On Facebook Related To Your Target Audience 


Now that we’ve learned how to validate our targets, we’re going to expand to other similar Facebook pages.


The first thing you’re going to do is open up the spreadsheet containing the Facebook pages you’ve already validated.


Open Audience Insights and input one of them in the “Interests” box.


Then click on “Page Likes”



These page likes are Facebook pages that are likely to be relevant to your target audience.


On the far right is a column called Affinity.


Affinity gauges how engaged people are with these pages. So the higher the affinity, the more the engagement is in these pages.


For a page to meet our criteria, it needs to have an affinity of 25x or more.


So if a page meets this criteria, visit it to see if it has an audience size of 20-50K users.


Some pages might have a smaller audience size but meet our affinity of 25. In such cases, don’t dismiss these pages. They are still worth considering because of the high level of engagement that they get.


So open up these Facebook pages that meet our criteria.


What we’ll do next is validate them.


For example, StarPlus has an affinity of 2802x and audience of 63.6k.


Click on it to visit it. Copy the name of the page. Then paste it under “Interests” to see if it shows up.


It does show up.


Now we’ve validated StarPlus. It meets our criteria. So we’ll open up our spreadsheet and save it.


And while we’re on the same page, we can scroll through the page likes to see new pages that show up. For example, Hotstar and Ustav Fashion have now showed up and they meet our affinity and audience score.


So we’ll validate those pages as well.


Do this for all the other Facebook pages that meet our criteria and save them in a spreadsheet.


How to find similar Facebook pages using Facebook ID


As you go through this process, you might find pages that meet our criteria but aren’t validating. If you want to target these pages, there’s a way we can go about it. You first have to find the Facebook ID of the page.


To do that, go to find my FB ID.


Then take the URL of the Facebook page that wasn’t validating and copy it.


Then paste it in the Find my Facebook ID search box.


Then click “Find my numeric ID”


Our Facebook ID will be extracted and shown in the next page as numerals.


Now that we have the Facebook ID, we’re going to find similar pages.


Input this into your search bar:


Then copy the numeric Facebook ID that was extracted and paste it after the URL above.


So it would look something like this.


Once you click enter, it will bring up all the Facebook pages similar to the one that we extracted the Facebook ID from.



Scroll through these new potential targets and click on the ones that are applicable. Then go through the process of validating these facebook pages and save the ones that meet our criteria in a spreadsheet.


Ideally we want to come up with 15-20 very highly targeted interests that you could potentially use in your marketing.




Now that we have a highly targeted list, our next move will be to prepare for launching our ads. More on that in the coming posts.


In the meantime, if you would like my help in implementing this and other strategies to sell your high ticket products and services, get in touch with me by clicking the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation.

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