How To Validate Targets Using Facebook Audience Insights


What is Facebook Audience Insights?


Facebook Audience Insights (FB AI) is a tool that helps you learn more about your target audience. And as we’ve already established, the more you know about your customer, the better your marketing message will be, leading to massive sales.


This handy tool will give you information about your audience’s demographics, location, lifestyles, purchase patterns, relationship status, job titles, and so much more. It will also help you find more people similar to the ones in your current audience.


So not only are you learning a ton about your audience, you’re also finding more people who would resonate with your content.


What is target validation?


When we validate a target, we’re basically confirming if it meets the criteria that we’ve set in place.


The best criteria in this case would be:


  • 1
    Does the page show up when you plug it in the FB AI tool? (I’ll explain what I mean in a minute)
  • 2
    Does the page have 20K to 50K active users?

How to validate targets using Facebook Audience Insights


Now I’m going to walk you through the process of validating targets.


Open up FB AI tool.


To do that, go to Facebook Audience Insights. Click on “Go to Audience Insights”. If this is your first time using the tool, you’ll be guided through a small tour.


Next, go back to the spreadsheet of Facebook page links that we saved from this post and open it up.


Now we’ll begin the process of validating these Facebook pages.


Take the name of the first Facebook page and plug it in the box under “Interests”


Does the name show up? Ideally it should.


For example, let’s take the Facebook page Bigg Boss. When we plug it in, it shows up automatically in a dropdown box.


Click on the page you’ve plugged in and see what comes up.


As you’ll see, Facebook will give you a wealth of information about the particular page you searched. Demographics, age and gender, relationship status, education, job title, and so much more


Using the Bigg Boss example, let’s check to see if it meets our criteria.


First, it showed up when we plugged it in.


And second, does it have 20K-50K users? Yes, It has 150k to 200k monthly active users.


So now we’ve validated that Facebook page. Bigg Boss is a valid target.


Keep doing this for all the Facebook pages you saved until you remain with the ones that are valid.  These will help you create a targeted audience that will be interested in your products or services.


That's it for today. If you would like my help in implementing this and other strategies to sell your high ticket products and services, get in touch with me by clicking the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation.

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