How To Use The Google Keyword Tool To Find Targeted Lists


In this previous post, I showed you the 3 things you need to get started with your market research.


Today I’m going to show you how to find targeted lists using the Google Keyword tool.


The first thing you do is log in to your Google AdWords account and open the Google Keyword Planner.


You’ll use the keyword planner to help you discover new keywords related to your products and services and compare trends on keyword search volume.


Once you open the tool, insert the keywords we brainstormed before from this post. Separate each keyword with a comma.


Make sure the targeting is set for the desired location. For example, if you’re in the US, check to see that your location is set. Or if you want to target another location, then put in your desired location.


When you’re done, click on “get ideas” at the bottom to see what the tool comes up with.



On the next page that comes up, click on “Keyword ideas”.


Your aim now is to look for keywords that have a decent monthly search volume.


For the keywords that you like, add them to your plan by clicking the arrows on the far right.



Do this for all the keywords that seem like a good fit. You don’t need many of them. Just about 5 or 6 is enough.


Once you’re satisfied, download the list as a CSV file by clicking the download button on the far right of the page.


Now that you have your list of keywords, the next thing you’ll do is open up the Google Display Planner.


Then click on where it says “search for new target ideas using the phrase, website or category.”


Remember the keyword list you saved as a CSV? Open it up and copy it. Then paste it on the display planner to search for new target ideas.


Then click on “Get placement ideas”



The next page that will come up will show you all the placement ideas. In other words, the websites that have a big following and get a significant amount of traffic.


What you’ll do now is identify placements or websites that have an average of 50,000 impressions per week.


Websites with 50k impressions per week generally have a Facebook page that will validate. And you're going to use that as the beginning point to begin to build our target interest.


So click on any website that meets this criteria and visit their page to find their Facebook page.


Once you find it, go to the Facebook page and copy the Facebook page link. Save the link on a separate spreadsheet.


Keep doing this for as many sites as you can until you’ve got a satisfactory list of Facebook page links.  


The next step will involve validating these placements, which we'll talk about in the next post.




In conclusion, let’s recap everything in this post.


Once you log in to your Adwords account:


  • 1
    Open the Google Keyword Planner
  • 2
    Type in your main keywords
  • 3
    Gather targeted lists from Google 
  • 4
    Save suggested keyword list as CSV file
  • 5
    Open the Google Display Planner
  • 6
    Type in your targeted list saved from 4 above
  • 7
    Review the suggested placements
  • 8
    Identify placements with 50k impressions per week
  • 9
    View placement website and check for Facebook page link
  • 10
    Add top placements with Facebook page to a list

Next, we'll look at how to validate these placement websites.


In the meantime, if you would like my help in implementing this and other strategies to sell your high ticket products and services, get in touch with me by clicking the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation.

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