How To Use The Straight Sale Angle To Write Better Facebook Ads


The straight sale copy angle is all about making a direct offer to your prospect. No persuasion. No pitching. Just a straight up direct sell.


It’s a very brief, straight to the point copy angle, as you’ll see below.


Before we get into that, a common mistake most people make is using this angle to sell to cold leads. No wonder your ads aren’t converting!


This angle is the absolute worst to use on cold leads. They don’t know you or your product. You’d have to educate and persuade them first, qualities which this angle lacks. If you have cold leads, try The Story Angle or The How-To Angle instead.


For massive results, use the straight sale angle ONLY on your warmest leads, the people who know you and your products and have probably bought from you before.


So how does the straight sale framework look like?


It’s made up of 5 parts:

  • 1
    Dog Whistle Headline
  • 2
    Dog Whistle Introduction
  • 3
    Announce product
  • 4
  • 5

1. Dog whistle headline


Have you ever used a dog whistle before? When you blow it, no sound comes out of it. No one else around you can hear it. But if there are any dogs around, they’ll start going crazy. That’s because the whistle emits a certain frequency only dogs can hear loud and clear.


That’s what this headline essentially means. To just anyone else, it won’t make sense. They won’t relate and probably won’t be bothered to continue reading. But to the intended reader, it will resonate completely.


So craft your headline to the intended reader, like this headline below from this ad, that speaks to people who want to write:


Right off the bat, the headline speaks to the intended audience. If you’re not a writer, you won’t be bothered by this ad. You’ll just scroll along. But if you’ve been struggling to get started in writing, this headline will stop you right in your tracks and get you reading.



2. Dog whistle introduction


Following the same dog whistle headline, you continue speaking to your intended audience by addressing their biggest need. You do so in the intro. This is where you make it clear to them that they are in the right place and that they can finally find a solution to their problem.


3. Announce product


After the intro, you announce the product. Tell your readers that you’re offering them a solution to their biggest problem. In the ad’s case, that solution was the New York Copy-Desk method.


4. Benefits


After introducing your product, you dive right into the benefits. You list all the cool things about your product and how it can help your readers achieve their goals.


5. CTA


Finally, the call to action. You ask for your audience to take the necessary action, whether that be to buy, to sign up or to download.





That’s it for the straight sale angle. Very short and sweet. It’s one of the easiest pieces of copy to write. So if you have warm leads, try this angle on them and see how it works.


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