How To Write Effective Ad Copy Using The Offer Lead

What is the offer lead?

First of all, an offer details the product on sale and what the prospect gets in return. It’s how you close a sales message.


From that definition, an offer lead is a direct approach in copy where you go straight to the offer or deal. It focuses on the product, the price point, and the guarantees very early in the lead, if not in the headline.


Do you remember the straight sale/offer angle? That angle and this lead can be used simultaneously to advertise a particular product or service.


This ad is a great example of an offer lead. The headline says:


“Get advice on 650 stocks For Only $1”


The deal is clear in the headline. Already the prospect knows that they are going to spend money. And in exchange, receive advice on a whopping 650 stocks.


All offer leads follow the same formula, that is:


1. Focus on the most emotionally persuasive detail of your offer


In this post, we talked about honing in on the emotion you’d like to appeal to. Focus on it. Sprinkle it all over your lead.


2. Emphasize the most valuable benefit of that deal


If the biggest benefit to your prospect is 50% savings, emphasize it. Make it clear very early on in your copy.


3. Expound on that same benefit in (2) above


4. Most importantly, include a compelling reason why you’re offering that product.



Most copywriters overlook that last point. The “reason why” doesn’t have to be something deep. It could be anything, really. Something like: supplies are limited or that the price offer expires in 2 days.


But whatever the case, you have to answer the niggling question in your prospect’s minds, which is:


“Ok, sounds really great…but what’s the catch?”


Because sometimes they might think the offer is too good to be true. Giving the “reason why” answers this question.


And if there truly is a catch, reveal it to your audience. Don’t try to put one over your prospect. This is the fastest way to lose trust with your customers. It’s a bad business practice that will cost you in the long run.


An effective offer lead is one where the prospect feels that the benefit he’s about to get is a steal compared to what he’d normally pay.


When to use the offer lead


This lead works best on:


1. The most aware customers.


Prospects who know you, what you’re selling and even the market value of what’s for sale. That’s because the most aware are already emotionally ready to buy. They trust you. They’re willing to hear more about what you have for sale.

We talked about customer awareness levels in this post.


2. Products that are easy to explain.


If it’s too confusing to the reader, they’ll click away and move on to the next thing.


Important things to note:


Keep the offer lead short and simple. That’s because you’re addressing customers who are already familiar with you and your product. Focus instead on the value of the offer. They want to know what’s in it for them.


Use numbers where possible. Show the math. Rather than telling them they’ll save more, show them by how much. “You’ll save 20% more.” If you’re comparing your product price to another one, show them the amount they’ll save in dollars.


At the end of the day, you want your prospect to feel like you’re giving them more than you’ll expect to get in exchange.


Finally, use time limits to show that the deal won’t last forever. This increases the urgency in your prospect to act fast so they don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime deal.


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