Scaling Facebook ads effectively doesn’t follow an easy-to-follow recipe. It’s not a “set it and forget it” type of thing. It involves a lot ot testing and monitoring campaigns closely to find out what’s working and what’s not.


In this post, I’ll share with you how to scale your Facebook ads successfully. But before we get into that, let’s look at the 4 common mistakes people make when it comes to scaling their ads.


4 Mistakes people make when scaling their Facebook ads


1. Increasing your ad budget too fast


Logically, you should expect a bigger ROI when you pump more money into your campaign.


But if you try to multiply your budget too fast, it will completely throw off and destabilize the algorithm that optimizes your ads.


The Facebook algorithm is designed in such a way that it optimizes your ads for a certain amount of conversions at a certain cost.


If you try to rush it, let’s say, from $10 a day to $100 a day right away, it will give you very similar number of conversions in both cases, making your ROI drop massively.


Scaling is a strategy and it takes time. We’ll get more into this in a minute.


2. Expecting results too early


You can’t expect to see miracles a few hours after altering your ads.


According to Facebook’s help center:


“It takes our ad delivery system 24 hours to adjust the performance level for your ad. It can take longer when you edit your ad frequently. To fix it, let your ad run for at least 24 hours before you edit it again”


With this in mind, don’t be too quick to judge your Facebook campaigns in the first couple of hours. Give it 24-48 hours to at least get a fully comprehensive analysis.


3. Changing too many things at once


Change is good in Facebook ads until it’s overdone.


Don't be tempted to keep tweaking your ads. If you want to scale them successfully, you have to be patient.


And when you do tweak your ads, focus on one thing at a time. You can start with raising the budget and see how that goes. Then try something new the next time. Just don’t do it all at once.


4. Wrong targeting


No matter how good your ad is, or how great your copy is, if the content reaches wrong audience, it will be all for nothing.


You’ve got to figure out how to target your audience effectively.


How to scale your Facebook ads


1. Duplicate your winning ads


The first step of successful Facebook ad scaling is duplicating ads that are already producing results.


This all depends on the initial objective you established when creating your ads, whether that be conversion, lead generation, link clicks, etc


To duplicate your winning ads, go to your ‘Ads manager’ and click on ‘Pages Posts’ under ‘Create and manage’ tab.


Find the page post you want to use for advertising and copy its ID.


Now create a new ad using the same ID in Power Editor. Create an ad using an existing post and paste the post ID you’ve copied.



While copying the same ad ID across different ad sets, you need to modify a few elements of the ad set (such as the age of target audience or an interest); so you won’t be bidding your content against each other needlessly inflating your CTA.


You can do that by altering the target audience for each ad set.


2. Make small incremental changes to your budget


Instead of taking your best performing campaign and quadrupling its budget, take it slow.


Generally speaking, you shouldn’t increase your budget by more than 20% per day.


Once you increase your budget, pay close attention to the ad performance.


  • Have your CPC, CPM, CPA shifted dramatically?
  • Is everything within the predetermined KPI thresholds?
  • How has this change affected the cost per lead/sale?
  • Is this campaign still profitable in the long term?

If your campaign is still the same and there are no dramatic changes, increase the budget again by 20-30% and then analyze the data. Continue doing this until you reach the desired level you had intended to scale to.


3. Extend your reach


After you’ve been running your ad sets for some time, it’s time to grow your reach and test your best performing piece.


For this purpose, we’ll use lookalike audiences.


This blog post takes you through the whole process of creating a lookalike audience. Use it to create a lookalike audience of your best perming ad.


4. Duplicate your winning campaign


The last step involves duplicating your winning lookalike campaign and then changing the objectives.


To create a campaign with different objective, go to your ads manager and select your winning campaign.


Click on “duplicate” to duplicate the campaign.


After a few seconds, your campaign will be duplicated and you can go to the objectives and choose a different one.


Stumped about with objective to use, this blog post will walk you through it.


Once you’re done, save the campaign and run it.




There is practically no limit to scaling. As a rule of thumb, always have a strategy in place before spending more on your ads.  


Also, if you would like my help in implementing this and other strategies to sell your high ticket products and services, get in touch with me by clicking the button below to apply for a complimentary consultation.

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